The Learning Management System (LMS)
and On the Go Training

CIEH eLearning runs in conjunction with a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS can be customised with your company’s branding to give it the tailored look and feel your staff are familiar with.

Features of the Learning Management System include:

Custom design and company branding

Bookmark place and stop or start anytime

Create training plans and records

Upload supporting documents or content

Personalise news items and alerts

Print certificate's or save it to print later


CIEH eLearning On the Go

The CIEH eLearning courses are able to run offline with a designated LMS app. No installation or internet connection is required to run the courses.

Smart Synchronisation

The CIEH eLearning portable app can intelligently manage course information while offline and communicate with the master LMS to synchronise user-specific information when internet access is available.
All course and course review completion data, including dates, times and scores are uploaded to the main server when an internet connection is available.

Who needs On the Go eLearning?

Mobile eLearning is designed to enable your organisation to revolutionise training delivery to learners around the world. Learners can take courses or exams whenever and wherever it is convenient, without the need to connect to the Internet.

If your learners are mostly out in the field or in remote offices and have limited or restricted internet access, mobile eLearning is the ideal solution for your business.
Useful for:
  • First responders.
  • Public utilities field staff.
  • Sailors and pilots.
  • Cruise ship crew.
  • Military personnel.