eLearning FAQs

User/Learner Questions.

You just need a supported internet browser, and Adobe Flash Player Version 8.0 or above. You can test your PC to check if Flash is correctly installed. If you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed, download the latest version for free from the Adobe website.
Yes. You will need external speakers or headphones. The course can be completed without audio, but this is not advisable as it could impact the learning effectiveness. We recommend you test your sound before starting, and check your system volume. You can do this in the windows taskbar by clicking the speaker icon. On a Mac the volume control icon is on the top bar.
Yes. Simply move the volume slider to adjust the volume or click the mute icon on the left to switch off the audio at any time. You can also choose between male and female voiceovers.
Yes. The course will run on Mac 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard) with Safari browser, or Firefox 2.0 and above. You will also need Adobe Flash installed. Our support pages give more details of the minimum technical specifications.
Yes. The course will work on any Windows 2000, 2003, XP or Vista PC with either Internet Explorer 6 and above or Firefox 2.0 and above. Our support pages give more details of the minimum technical specifications.
If you have a dial-up connection (for example, with a modem speed of 56kbps) the course will not run. The minimum is 256kbps (0.2mbps) which is the lowest speed for most broadband connections. If you have a broadband speed of 1mbps or less the course will run fine, but video will take longer to load and/or may be jumpy. For optimal viewing, we recommend a connection speed of at least 1-2mbps. If you are unsure, you can check your internet connection speed now.
You can access the course at any time, and navigate to a particular module/topic to re-do the learning screens. Additionally, you can download a revision summary in pdf format at the end of each topic.
Each course is designed to give six hours of learning (this is comparable to classroom training and allows learners to go on to take the CIEH and QCA accredited exam to gain certification). However, some learners may find they progress through the course more quickly.
CIEH eLearning licences are based on a yearly subscription. If your company renews the licence every year, you have continual access to the site, and will be able to open the course at any time for a refresher. If your company chooses not to renew the licence for your account, and you are not enrolled on the course immediately (for example, the subscription started on the 1st July but you joined and enrolled on the 1st October), you may have less than 12 months left to complete the training. Check with your administrator to find out if there is a time limit imposed.
The courses are not yet Triple A Conformant (Priority 3 of the WAGC accessibility standards). The course contains a high proportion of animation, video and graphical interactive elements which will be redeveloped later to conform to accessibility guidelines.
Our courses are currently only available via the www.cieh-elearning.com website. For queries regarding Local Load and Unlimited Corporate Licence solutions please contact sales.

Customer/Administrator Questions.

CIEH eLearning solutions are tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. Please contact our sales team to arrange a free trial and discuss your requirements.

The LMS, or Learning Management System, is software for delivering, tracking and managing your training. Use it to control learner access, create training plans, generate company wide reports and track individual progress.

For more information on LMS features, and how to use them, refer to the administrator guide.

The LMS is a web-based application so you can access it from any PC or Mac with an Internet connection. Our LMS can be found at www.cieh-elearning.com. Simply login with the username and password you have been provided with.

The advanced LMS package is standards compliant, which means that you can upload any AICC, SCORM 1.2 or 2004 course content to the system, along with other file types including PDFs, PowerPoint, Doc, video files and much more. With the advanced LMS, you have access to a variety of additional features including: direct user messaging, posting news items and product or policy updates, running custom reports, and branded interface to reflect your company website or Intranet design. Learners can also contact a nominated internal expert to ask questions that arise out of their online training. The advanced LMS can be a complete resource centre (or online library) for everything training related.

For more information on LMS features, and how to use them, refer to the administrator guide.

Yes. The course audio can be translated into multiple languages, as can the Learning Management System interface. Please contact our sales team for further information.
A licence lasts for the term of your agreement - this is usually one calendar year for example, 1st August 2009 until 1st August 2010. You will have the option to automatically renew the licence, and provide the learner with continual access to the site and course.
Your licences are valid for an entire year. Users will be registered in the system but are not deemed active until they enrol on a course. Once enrolled, the licence is locked to that particular learner and cannot be changed. However, if an individual has not enrolled on any course and later leaves the company, we can transfer that licence to a new user.
The eLearning website itself is supported 24/7 and we guarantee 99.9% uptime. Technical support is provided by email Monday to Friday 9-5pm, and we guarantee to respond within two hours. Depending on the nature of the problem, we aim to have a resolution within one to three days. See our Support pages for further information.
New customers are provided with onsite training, a remote online training session or a recorded demonstration of how to use the system, whichever is more convenient. During your licence period, please contact the support team with any questions about the LMS and we will endeavour to respond within 24 hours. See our support pages for further information.
CIEH eLearning courses are currently only available via the www.cieh-elearning.com website.
There is a perception that eLearning is open to abuse, because employees could share login details and complete the course on behalf of someone else (essentially cheat). There are a number of ways we get round this. The LMS itself will prevent simultaneous login - so only one person (or more accurately PC) can login with a particular username/password at any one time. Upon login the LMS recognises the specific learner and updates their personal training record. The LMS will track modules completed, the last time the learner accessed the course, the total number of accesses, and total recorded time spent. CIEH monitor this usage and in cases of abuse, immediately suspend any licences preventing access to the site.