CIEH eLearning Accessibility Guide

This site has been developed with accessibility for all in mind. Using a combination of valid xhtml, css and an adherence to internationally recognised accessibility guidelines, we have ensured that no one is left out.

Standards compliant

All pages on this site validate as HTML5, validated CSS3 style sheets are also used to layout the visual look of the site.

By our best interpretation of the guidelines of W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines this site passes priority 1, 2 and 3 checkpoints. Many points of these guidelines cannot be qualified directly, but we have taken all appropriate measures to ensure as close an implementation as possible.

  • All images use descriptive ALT tags.

  • Relative font sizes are used throughout, allowing users to resize the page text.

  • Should a page be printed all unnecessary images and navigation will be removed leaving only the content.

  • Should you find anything that does not meet your accessibility requirements please feel free to contact us and suggest improvements.